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Our 'Success 7' Experts Will Share Secrets In This FREE Webinar That Will Change Your Business Forever.
You will take away expert insights & tools in these strategic business areas:
  • Online marketing and SEO: Tactics to take your online sales to double your current sales by a few tweaks
  • Communications: Delivering your sales message to different audiences. 
  • Executive Life Transformation Coaching: Positive outlook techniques and increasing your clarity of mind and purpose 
  • Networking: Connect and create relationships like a professional
  • Public Speaking: Insider tip to why only 1% of speakers make all the money  
  • Public Relations: The critical difference between your business and your story when creating a powerful press release 
  • Sales & Systems: What you can do right now to increase your sales
  • Online Course Creation: Creating passive income with your very own online course
  • 90 powerful jam-packed minutes with a bonus Q & A session afterward
  • 5 lucky winners will be randomly chosen during the LIVE webinar and each will win a mega-prize pack worth $2692
  • Just for signing up, you will receive $1277 in free business building gifts from our experts 
  If you are a coach, speaker, author or practitioner of wellness, you know the amount of time and money you spend on programs, marketing and services often with regret and pitiful ROI. If you find yourself looking at others and questioning "Why are THEY so successful? What are THEY doing that is so different than me?", then you REALLY cannot miss Success 7!     

Tuesday, March 21st

@ 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST

Now Meet our Experts...

Jennifer Maki

Jennifer’s international career in communications, public relations and leadership development has spanned over 15 years, from agency and non-profits to innovative entrepreneurs, empowering them to transform and initiate extraordinary change embrace their "Yes!" in business and in life. She is the author of The Mad Hero's Manifesto, Owner of Project Yes! Life and Founder of The Phone Booth Project.

Dr. LJ Rose

Linda Joy Rose, an International Speaker, Therapist and Author with over 25 years experience. As founder of the Natural Wellness Academy she is an Online Course Design and Branding Expert that will show you how to capitalize on the +150 billion dollar E-Learning market.

Michelle Evans

Google Analytics and SEO Specialist, Michelle has 16 years experience with large corporations in the health and wellness field, like United Way, HOPE Worldwide, Biotissue and many others. Making websites and online marketing work is her specialty.

Allison Kugel

PR Expert and celebrity publicist will teach us the effectiveness of public relations and how to take advantage of the many free PR tools available to every small business owner. Allison defines your brand's voice, message and gets YOU in the media.

Lisa Mininni

Best Selling Author, Lisa Mininni, is a hardwiring expert. She travels the globe educating small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business leaders on your biological hardwiring. Through her programs and mentoring, she shows you how to scale your business in alignment with how you naturally execute.

Charles Eduardos

Charles has a strong understanding of business principles and human behavior and spirituality. His knowledge and experience of the coaching process make him a powerful agent of change.

Orly Amor

Orly is an ambitious and determined consummate professional, an MBA Graduate from Montreal and a successful entrepreneur. She has won numerous awards & accolades and has authored three publications
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Online Course Design Worksheet "Turn Your Expertise Into an Online Platform You Can Sell"

 Dr. LJ Rose, Online Course Creation Expert

"Positivity - Victorious Living Guide to a Positive Outlook For a Positive Life" 

Charles Eduardos, Executive & Life Transformation Coach

"The 10 Commandments of  Networking"
Orly Amor, Networking & Speaking Expert

"7 Recipes for Online Success That Can Be Done in 1 Hour or Less" 

Michelle Evans, SEO Expert

"Mad Hero's Manifesto E-book: Take Your Business to New Levels"

Jennifer Maki, Communications Expert

"Get More Clients Now"

Lisa Mininni, Biological Hardwiring and Business Systems Expert

"Public Relations 101"

Allison Kugel, Public Relations Expert

  The Wellness Universe has gathered together 7 leading business experts in this FREE webinar and we have personally handcrafted for you a no-nonsense, fully immersive master education course in 8 areas of business that you will feel good about and your business will benefit from.
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  • Free platform to discuss and ask questions
  • Additional webinars provided from our experts
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  • Interact with other business owners 
  • Build a solid network that believes in you and what you are doing
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